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Dr. Queale is a board-certified MD who aims to tackle the key issues in today’s healthcare system and provide strong solutions to build a better system for the patient and provider. 

  • Author of Dying To Save You
  • Host of the Queale Podcasts
  • Available National Speaker
  • Strong Advocate for Preventive Care and Precision Medicine
Thinking differently about healthcare

Helping you improve your health and avoid disease

It’s safe to say that we don’t have a healthcare system anymore in this country. We have a $4 trillion sickcare system, one that has come to depend on sick people to sustain itself. Meanwhile, primary care physicians are trying to do what they were trained to do—keep people healthy and far away from this sickcare system. They want to prevent disease, or at least detect disease early and treat it before people end up in the hospital. So why aren’t they?

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